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We are Investors in People Platinum for the third time

PAPAELLINAS Group has received, for the third time in a row, the most important international Human Resources distinction, Investors in People (IIP) Platinum, which honours both the Group and the Cypriot entrepreneurship as a whole.

This new remarkable success is the result of the assessment carried out in February 2024, in light of the standard three-year validity period of the accreditation, following the 2021 assessment, when the Group had claimed and achieved this distinction for the second time.

It is worth noting that the IIP Platinum accreditation is the highest accolade that can be achieved and is currently held by only 1% of IIP accredited organisations worldwide.

The overall assessment process was carried out using qualitative and quantitative tools, and included a series of employee online and on-site surveys. All employee positions and ranks were represented, in line with the Group’s organisational chart.

During the IIP Platinum assessment process, a number of issues were explored in-depth on the management of the Group’s Human Resources. These included the ways in which the Group implements its sustainable development strategy, the practices that shape a better working environment, the effectiveness of human resource management systems, and the strategies for employee motivation, continuous learning and development, and encouragement to achieve their goals. During the assessment process, emphasis was also placed on the integration and utilisation of technology in the implementation of the business strategy as well as on the continuous upgrade of customer service and support services. In addition, the parameters that affect the overall performance of the company and the high degree of excellence and innovation in these aspects of human resource management were also thoroughly examined.

On the basis of the relevant assessment report, the following distinct strengths of PAPAELLINAS Group have been identified:

  • Encouragement of teamwork, enabling the creation of an environment that promotes interaction between team members.
  • Provision of ongoing support and resources for the employees’ continuous learning and professional development.
  • Understanding of the external environment, and ability to adapt to market changes as well as to differentiated consumer needs and customer habits.
  • Recognition and optimisation of human resources and their capabilities.
  • Embedding and adaption of the Group’s values and mission into every aspect of its operation.
  • Focus on the future, directing efforts towards continuous development and exploitation of opportunities and perspectives that may arise.
  • Planning and assigning of responsibilities, encouraging employee autonomy.
  • Promotion of transparency and trust, through open communication between staff members.
  • Embrace of a culture of continuous improvement that promotes innovation and adaptability.

The effective organisational and operational structure of the Group successfully embodies on a daily basis its mission: To make more and more people live and feel better. Through its flexible and efficient organisational structure, the Group implements the strategy of its methodical expansion and opens new paths of quality and reliability, having already established itself as the leading Health and Beauty Product Group in Cyprus.

The Investors in People Platinum accreditation reflects the PAPAELLINAS Group’s commitment to the sustaining efforts to develop practices and procedures aimed at its human resources. At the same time, it rewards the quality of the working environment and the high level of corporate culture shared by the Group’s employees; all that makes the Group stand out as an “Employer of Choice”.