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Training in our Group on: Pharmaceutical Good Distribution Practices

Our Group has always attached great importance to the training and development of its people. This is achieved through continuous training that covers various areas at different levels, creating a work environment where personal development is closely linked to collective goals and mutual cooperation.

In this context, the Group held a training day on Wednesday 27/03/24, on the topic of Good Distribution Practices (GDP) for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The training provided participants with a comprehensive and systematic introduction to good distribution practices in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as fundamental knowledge and skills for the safe and legal management of pharmaceutical products in a variety of healthcare settings.

The training is designed to ensure that, upon its completion, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the historical development of good distribution practices in the pharmaceutical industry and the legal framework governing pharmaceutical distribution.
  • Comply with the distribution of pharmaceutical products regulations and define the key principles of pharmaceutical good distribution practice.
  • Assume the role and responsibilities of pharmaceutical distributors.
  • Recognise the importance of good practice in ensuring the consistent safety of pharmaceutical products.
  • Implement quality control and assurance systems, as well as storage, packaging and labeling procedures for pharmaceuticals.
  • Implement legal requirements to pharmaceutical distribution.
  • Apply good pharmaceutical management practices and ensure safe and secure storage of pharmaceutical products.
  • Label pharmaceutical products correctly and accurately (with the appropriate labels containing the correct information) and carry them safely.
  • Apply the principles of professional and ethical conduct and all legal requirements during pharmaceutical products’ distribution.

This training cycle is just one of the many initiatives taken by our Group to promote its members’ training and development, thus strengthening mutual cooperation and the achievement of our shared goals.