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Training held by our Group on “Negotiating for Shared Success”

Recognising the importance of our people in the success of our Organisation, we constantly strive to invest in their growth and development. This is achieved through a comprehensive training programme covering various areas at different levels, creating a work environment where personal development is closely linked to collective goals and mutual cooperation.

In this context, executives from the Pharma Division of the Group attended a specialised training programme on “Negotiating for Shared Success.”

The programme aims to improve participants’ negotiation skills, allowing them to develop their capacities to understand the elements of successful negotiation and craft their own successful negotiation strategies to achieve desired outcomes.

Upon completion of the training programme, participants will have the skills to understand the outcomes of a successful negotiation, recognise different negotiation tactics, make proposals, and plan effective negotiations conducive to shared success.

The programme provided an opportunity for our people to enhance their negotiation skills, leading to the creation of a more effective and collaborative professional community within our Group.

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