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The word “Woman” means a lot. For us, it means much more.

Mother, employee, daughter, sister, spouse. Those are a few of the roles that are centered on a modern woman.

On International Woman’s Day, C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group restates its position in the route towards gender equality and elimination of gender stereotypes or any other form. Simultaneously, our Group acknowledges the multidimensional role of woman and the worth, that they bring to our Group as well as society.

To put it another way, the C.A.PAPELLINAS Group:

  • 70% of our work force and 80% of the manager positions are occupied by women, for whom equal pay and development opportunities have been guaranteed.
  • The healthy balance between work and personal life is recognized and encouraged. Thus, our Group provides benefits such as extended parental leave policies to ensure all new mothers have more time to share with their new family members.
  • All women in our Group have a word and a say.
What is your opinion regarding the role of women within our Group? 

Demetra Panagi – Chief Business Development Officer

“The trust of the Group towards women is an element that has always been present. I experienced that in my very first moment in the Group, when I became part of it, 23 years ago. There is always confidence and trust that a woman can be as productive and sufficient as anyone else. I never felt like there was a doubt about that.”

Alexia Nikolaidou– Senior Commercial Manager Pharma

“From the very first moment I joined the Group, a year ago, it was clear to me that it is indeed a Group that provides equal opportunities to everyone, regardless of their gender or any other type of discrimination. A Group that relies on its people and their potential, and by this anthropocentric approach it ensures equal opportunities for development.”

 How did C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group help you to achieve a balance between work and personal life? 

Chrystala Kouri – Chief Marketing Officer

“There is empathy and support, especially towards working mothers, without simultaneously undermining their professional roles, responsibilities, and what they are expected to deliver.”

Demetra Panagi – Chief Business Development Officer

“By being respectful, empathetic, and, faithful in my abilities, I can carry on the role I have been assigned. The Group helps you to grow at a professional as well as a personal level.”

What has been an inspiration thus far in your career?

Alexia Nikolaidou – Senior Commercial Manager Pharma

“I genuinely believe in the meaning of “team”, and I feel really lucky that throughout the years I was fortune enough to work with people within an environment where knowledge is accessible to everybody. That element of the Group inspired me from the very first moment I started working in it.”

Chrystala Kouri – Chief Business Development Officer

“I am inspired by the team I work with every day. With women being the predominant gender in our Group, it is clear that each woman has her own journey, contribution and experience, and those elements add to the outcome. We are also honored to have as our CEO, Mr. Christos Papaellinas, who never gives up on envisioning and investing in his people. Thus, he gives us the space we need to create plans and strategies for the future.”

Chrystala Kouri

Chief Marketing Officer

Demetra Panagi

Chief Business Development Officer

Alexia Nikolaidou

Senior Commercial Manager Pharma