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The career progression of Evie Kalopedis within our Group

Evie Kalopedis: from Beauty Advisor at Beauty Line to Trainer at Butterfly within 5 months!

As proof of our commitment to nurturing talent and promoting the development of our people, the career path of Evie Kalopedis is a shining example of what we can achieve when given the right opportunities, resources and support.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a passion for continuous improvement, Evie has achieved important objectives of the Group. Since her first days with us until today, she has embraced every challenge and opportunity with determination and drive to achieve our Group’s vision.

Meet Evie Kalopedis whose career journey within our Group has been nothing short of inspirational.

Our colleague Evie Kalopedis began her career within our Group as Beauty Advisor at Beauty Line, and today she holds the position of Trainer at Butterfly and the Yves Rocher brand. She is a living example for every young employee with vision, which proves that hard work is rewarded in our Group.

Below you can read her own “story” of career progression within our Group.

“I began my career journey within C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group in 2019 as Beauty Advisor at Beauty Line, at My Mall Limassol. Within 5 months and with my persistence, love and commitment in the field of product training and sales, I managed to develop and take over the COTY team, currently holding the position of Trainer. A personal goal that has already been achieved in a very short time, as our Group directly acknowledges the values and potential of its people. Recently I have also been appointed as the Trainer of the Yves Rocher brand, and it’s still just the beginning!

Therefore, I could feel nothing but gratitude, belonging to the workforce of such a company that makes its employees’ dreams and goals come true. Everyone’s development is down to them, but making it happen is always about the people we work with, and I’m glad to work with such people.”

Evie Kalopedis, Trainer at Butterfly

Evie Kalopedis