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Sustainability as a Shared Value: Colleagues’ Views and Engagement

At our Group, the commitment to Sustainable Development is rooted at the heart of our corporate culture, social role and corporate responsibility. We strongly believe that Sustainable Development is meaningful only if it is built on business ethics, social solidarity, and respect for the environment.

Guided by the belief that our Group’s prosperity is inextricably linked with the prosperity of society and the planet, we have undertaken major initiatives reflecting our values and expectations for a better future.

In this insert, we want to project and promote the voices of our colleagues, their own perspective, by asking them three simple questions. We hope to inspire more and more people about a better and more sustainable society.

With this in mind, we continue with our colleague Stefanos Christodoulou, who holds the position of Senior SAT IT Consultant responsible for the Group’s ERP system.

1) What does Sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability, in areas such as the environment, economy and society, is about the decisions and actions taken with a view to avoiding future catastrophic consequences and securing a sustainable future for generations to come.

2) What sustainable practices do you follow in your everyday life?

  • Saving energy by using renewable energy sources and energy-efficient appliances,
  • Paper, plastic and glass recycling,
  • Use of a hybrid vehicle.

3) What have you learned as a member of our Group about Sustainability?

By implementing its Social Corporate Responsibility programme, the Group demonstrates in practice its great interest in matters concerning environmental protection and contribution to society. It is no coincidence that the Group’s mission is to make more and more people live and feel better.

At the same time, the Group has made huge investments in the area of digitisation as well as in the introduction of products whose production is based on environmentally-friendly practices. Furthermore, the renewal of its vehicle fleet with electric cars and trucks, the installation of solar panels, the frequent implementation of tree planting initiatives, are only some of the actions taken by our Group on a daily basis. In line with the above, we ourselves recognise the necessity of incorporating sustainable practices into our daily lives.