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Sure Food Ltd is the new member of our Group

Business expansion with steady steps

In the context of its methodical expansion, our Group has proceeded to the acquisition of the share capital of SureFood Ltd.

Sure Food Ltd has established itself in the retail and HORECA sectors throughout Cyprus, providing high-quality food and beverages. With the addition of Sure Food Ltd to its large family, our Group enters the category of refrigerated products in the retail market and expands its activities in the catering and hotel (HORECA) sectors. It thus strengthens its presence in other business sectors and areas that show a dynamic perspective.

About Sure Food Ltd:

Sure Food Ltd was founded in 2005 with the mission to provide its customers with the finest innovative and top-quality products. Almost twenty years later, the company remains committed to its corporate philosophy of adhering to the highest ethical conduct in all its business operations and partnerships, relations with its employees, and social and environmental policies.


The product lines represented and distributed by the company, in more than 1,000 outlets across Cyprus, are sourced from both local and foreign producers. Some of the international brands belonging to Sure Food’s portfolio are: Emmi International Ltd, MEVGAL S.A., Calidad Pascual, Mulino Caputo, Mangajo, and Lakeland Dairies.


The Sure Food’s team consists of 25 employees, who continue to hold their positions of responsibility. More information about Sure Food Ltd can be found on the company’s website

Sure Food creams

In the implementation of the C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group’s business strategy, the concept of quality has a pivotal position. For it is only through the quality of its services and products of recognized value that the Group achieves its mission: To make more and more people live and feel better.

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