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Skincare and wellness with the natural force of Mount Athos and the ATHONITES brand

PAPAELLINAS Group, the leading group of health, beauty and wellness products in Cyprus, as part of its methodical expansion, has entered into a new business partnership agreement with the brand, Athonites. A brand which, through its products, brings out the authenticity and power of Greek nature. This partnership corresponds to the Group’s commitment to providing innovative and high-quality skincare, beauty and wellness products, enriching the choices available for consumers in the Cypriot market and enhancing their experience.



Athonites has their roots in Mount Athos, a pristine, pure and fertile land with an absolute lack of contamination and pollution, and a unique microclimate. An exclusive ecosystem with high biodiversity: 1453 different species, of which 35 are endemic. It has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site and is part of the NATURA 2000 network, the ambitious programme aimed at ensuring the preservation of the environment. The natural ingredients that are used in the formulas of Athonites products are drawn from this “blessed” region.

The essence of the brand lies in empathy and the relationship of humans with Nature, as on Mount Athos one can witness a truly unspoiled relationship of humans with the elements of Nature. The flowers, herbs and plants, all unique masterpieces of Nature, that are either wildly grown or organically cultivated, are observed, cherished and harvested one by one, by the diligent and respectful hands of the monks of Mount Athos, providing excellent quality raw materials.

Then, specialised chemists and pharmacists, in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Athens and inspired by 1200-year-old recipes that originate from monastic manuscripts, utilise natural raw materials combined with safe complementary actives to develop unique and effective formulas with the sole purpose of delivering the best well-being, the most authentic glow and the finest overall wellness of the skin, both face and body. Athonites’ formulations are enhanced with an exclusive aqueous infusion of a unique blend of five Athonite herbs (rosemary, vine leaf, plantago, calendula and sideritis), carefully chosen for their strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that enhance the anti-aging action of the products. The water used for the infusion comes from the natural springs of Mount Athos.

All Athonites products are tested, evaluated, and certified as both natural and organic, with 84-100% natural origin ingredients. Clean formulas are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, GMOs, toxins, fillers, mineral oils, petroleum, petrochemicals, SLS, SLES, silicones, artificial colors and fragrances – only natural preservatives and perfumes, and a natural silicone alternative from olive oil are used in the formulas. In addition, all products are Cruelty Free (no animal ingredients and no animal testing), vegan or beegan (where bee products are used), while all formulations are dermatologically tested, and naturally and organically certified by the official certification body, aCert.


All of the above have resulted in the creation of the two product lines that form Athonites: The Skin Line and the Wellness Line, which are characterised by rich and pleasant textures, special botanical scents and a soothing sensation of care and pampering.

The Athonites Skin Line contains the finest and purest ingredients from the unique ecosystem of the Athonian Peninsula, cherished and preserved for almost 1200 years. It consists of cleansing products (foam and oil), face care (face cream, eye cream, dry oil serum) and body care products (body cream, hand cream, shower gel). The Skin Line stands out for its rich textures that offer pure and effective care to the skin and a wonderful feeling of rejuvenation and relaxation.

The Athonites Wellness Line is the direct answer when face and body skin is in immediate need of targeted care. It contains the power of carefully selected ingredients from the Mount Athos’ fertile land, an excellent source of healing energy for immediate and targeted relief, soothing and care. The Wellness Line includes balms, gels and creams aimed at offering relief and catering to various needs, such as muscle pain, dry skin, sensitive skin, chapped lips and swollen feet.

With absolute respect for sustainability at every stage, from seeding to harvesting and from formulating to packaging, Athonites’ packaging is 95% recyclable with a view to reaching 100% at the soonest. The brand also uses QR Code for marketing and communication purposes, in an attempt to replace paper leaflets and thus to reduce its environmental impact, with respect and care for future generations.

At a time when the doubt about the quality of the products we use and the impact they have on our health and the environment is steadily increasing among us all, both everyday people and scientists, Athonites is here to offer a new approach to the power of nature with absolute respect for sustainability.


The entire Athonites product range is available at the stores of Beauty Line Makariou Nicosia, Beauty Line Nicosia Mall, Beauty Line Mall of Cyprus, Beauty Line Anexartisias, Selekt Beauty My Mall, and at