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SANITAS: Expanding in the home care products sector

Strategic partnership between C.A.PAPAPELLINAS Group and SARANTIS Group for the promotion and distribution of the Greek mega brand SANITAS in Cyprus

In the context of its methodical expansion, our Group entered into yet another important business partnership agreement. As of April 1, 2023, it undertakes the promotion and distribution of the top-quality SANITAS home care products to retail stores in Cyprus.

The SANITAS mega brand belongs to the portfolio of the Greek company SARANTIS Group, with which our Group counts 25 years of successful and evolutionary cooperation.

The common values that link the two companies, their passion for innovation, their business ethics and their commitment to Sustainability, as the key objective of their strategic development, are all present in the implementation of our Group’s Mission: to make more and more people live and feel better.

SANITAS aims to bring a smile to every home, by offering innovative products of excellent quality that will make a difference in the kitchen, in life, in society, in the environment. Whereas, its strategy is encapsulated in a single word: BETTERMENT. A promise that highlights the SANITAS’s aim for a better quality of life, by offering specialisation in consumers’ kitchen needs, but also by placing greater value on society and the world. A promise of wellbeing with long-term results!

The SARANTIS mega brand is a market leader in the household care with three product categories: food packaging, garbage bags and cleaning tools.

Food packaging: aluminum foil for cooking and food transportation, cling film for food preservation and storage, food bags for storage and transportation, and baking paper, bags and trays.

Garbage bags with innovative technologies of 100% recycled plastic, for premium quality, resilience, durability and flexibility.

Cleaning tools with upgraded quality features, such as sponges, dusting cloths and gloves.

SANITAS moves forward with a single purpose: “to fill every home with smiles”, where we all enjoy life with safety and more convenience, by offering solutions to our everyday problems. Because with SANITAS everything gets better!