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Running Under the Moon: Our Group’s team wins 2nd place!

Our Group is once again present in corporate sports events, which promote a healthy lifestyle. Sport is always a great way to bring people together, and the recent annual race “Running Under the Moon” was no exception.

The annual night running event “Running Under the Moon” took place on Friday, 16 June, at the Mall of Cyprus as part of its CSR activities, in financial support of the “Sophia for Children” foundation. The event was a celebration of sport, in which our Group participated as a team. Our team finished 2nd place in the team category, and we are extremely proud of their performance!

However, beyond the competitive aspect of the event, what is even more important is the fact that our Group’s employees, who participated in the race, enjoyed their run or walk, setting an example to follow. Such sporting opportunities promote the strengthening of relationships between the members of the Group by giving opportunities for casual social interaction outside of work, while at the same time improve physical fitness.

Our brands in support of runners!

At “Running Under the Moon”, our Group was represented by three of its brands, Lucozade energy drink, Holland & Barrett specialized wellness stores and Lanes vitamins. Our brands offered their samples to over 2,000 people who attended the event. Our Group participated with more than 60 runners. With the friends and relatives who ran with us, though, we reached a total of 90 entries. Lucozade provided runners with refreshing products, while Holland & Barrett supported runners’ efforts with sports supplements before, during and right after the race. Lanes supported this effort by offering “Lanes Electrolytes” to the participants of the race, but also to those present.

At the end of the race, our runners did not hesitate to take commemorative photos to remember the moment.