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PAPAELLINAS Group unfolds purpose and mission through new innovative corporate video

PAPAELLINAS Group presents its new corporate video, through an avant-garde minimalist aesthetic approach. An ingenious combination of verbal and graphic narrative which unveils the Group’s deepest purpose of existence and the values that guide it towards achieving its business and social mission.

In the business world, and beyond, we all live for a purpose that defines and inspires us. The new corporate video unfolds the aspects of this purpose, around the four Pillars of the Group’s Sustainable Development Strategy:

  • Customer and Associate Trust
  • Its People’s Growth and Development
  • Environmental Protection
  • Social Prosperity

Committed to its timeless values, Integrity, Responsibility, Leadership, Passion and Simplicity, the Group builds trust every day in a broad range of activity sectors. Through their day-to-day implementation, these values strengthen the common effort towards a better future.

The Group consistently invests in its most valuable asset, its People. It adopts the new possibilities the digital world has opened up and ensures the protection of the environment and natural resources. At the core of its Mission lies the contribution to a just society for all.

That is what PAPAELLINAS Group exists for – to make people live and feel better.

You can watch the corporate video here:


With a history that spans almost a century, PAPAELLINAS Group has become a market leader in the sectors in which it operates. These include the promotion and distribution of pharmaceuticals, pharmacy products, food supplements, cosmetics and consumer goods, as well as a strong network of retail stores and integrated distribution services. In the broad context of its business operations, the Group has developed robust partnerships with leading multinational companies, as their exclusive representative in the Cypriot market.

Through its strong relationship of trust with the Cypriot consumer, the Group implements the strategy of its methodical expansion, while it paves new roads of quality and reliability, having already been established as the leading group of health and beauty products in Cyprus.

With its timeless mission of making more and more people live and feel better, PAPAELLINAS Group believes that the concepts of growth and development can be meaningful only when combined with business ethics. It considers sustainability as the only realistic approach to new challenges, focusing all its efforts on ensuring social prosperity, economic growth and environmental protection.