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PAPAELLINAS Group and Femarelle® hold scientific presentation

PAPAELLINAS Group and Femarelle® organised a scientific presentation for pharmacists on Wednesday 29th May at Columbia Plaza, on the topic of restoring hormonal balance before, during and after menopause.

The Femarelle® line is a natural non-hormonal solution, providing a first-line evidence-based treatment for the management of menopause symptoms during its different stages, from premenopause to postmenopause. Femarelle® offers women the necessary efficacy by targeting estrogen receptors while minimising the risks. It is very important for women to manage their menopause symptoms, in order to delay the onset of postmenopausal conditions and have a better quality of life in older age. Guest speaker at the event was Mrs. Esti Grunbaum, Vice President of Se-cure Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

The event was introduced by Mrs. Iasonia Tsielepi, Marketing Manager of Karpasia Papaellinas Ltd, who spoke about the actions taken by the PAPAELLINAS Group to raise women’s awareness about menopause and how this is in line with the Group’s mission of making more and more people live and feel better!

Mrs. Grunbaum then presented several scientific data from the extensive Femarelle® literature proving the effectiveness and safety of the product. She expounded on the effect of estrogen decline on different parts of the body (brain, breast, skin, heart, bones, reproductive and nervous system) and the symptoms that occur during each menopausal stage as a consequence of this decline. Various laboratory and clinical studies were also presented demonstrating symptom relief in every stage.

The Femarelle® line consists of 3 products and provides a targeted solution for the needs of each age group: Femarelle® Rejuvenate for women over 40, Femarelle® Recharge for women over 50, and Femarelle® Unstoppable for women over 60.

Femarelle®: Love, Live, Embrace menopause as a new beginning

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