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Holland & Barrett Store

Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett: The specialized wellness stores for food supplement and vitamin products

Holland & Barrett, the specialized wellness stores, hold a leading position Worldwide in vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements retailing in the UK, with a 150 years presence. They supply their customers with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, specialist foods and natural beauty products.

In 2010, PAPAELLINAS Group became the exclusive representative of the retail store in Cyprus. Ever since, the brand lists 14 physical stores in Cyprus, one e-shop and one application, while its network is constantly expanding, offering consumers more points of contact and high quality products at affordable prices.

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Holland & Barrett offer a wide range of vitamins, supplements, clean beauty, sports nutrition, specialist food and drink and weight management products.

Holland & Barrett’s Wellness Advisors undergo an extensive specialist training programme, through the Holland & Barrett International Education Academy.
All Wellness Advisors are fully trained in understanding product safety and contraindications, and provide advices on a variety of different medical conditions, including pregnancy.

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The eshop of Holland and Barrett Cyprus is available at and it allows the consumers with a digital channel to complete the purchases of their favorite Wellness products.
With seamless navigation, Holland & Barrett online store offers a wide range of supplements and vitamin products, as well as broad blogging on Wellness topics, such as nutritional recipes and fitness training.
The visitors can be benefited from exclusive offers valid in the eshop, fast delivery and free shipping with purchases over € 15, direct communication with experts through Live Chat, and access to their account status in the myBENEFITS Rewards Program.

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The application of Holland and Barrett offers a personalized experience to the customers by providing outstanding service to their demands and direct email communication.
With cutting-edge functions, the app guarantees simple navigation and quick transaction completion.
Holland and Barrett application has several advantages, including access to their account in the myBENEFITS Rewards Program and exclusive offers.

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myBENEFITS Card has been created to reward the trust by offering you exclusive benefits at all of our retail stores: Beauty Line, Holland & Barrett, Yves Rocher and Butterfly Beauty Store.


Via a strong network of stores which represent the Beauty Line, Holland and Barrett, Yves Rocher and Butterfly Beauty Store chains, we aim to provide the best possible customer service, across Cyprus.