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Our Group takes a new leap in the promotion of high-quality products

Our Group has taken a new leap to further serve its customers, so that they can live and feel better, by offering them quality and safe products.

More specifically, Karpasia Health Products Ltd, member of the Group, has proceeded with a partnership agreement with the Sky Pharma S.A. for the promotion and distribution of its SKY Premium Life nutritional supplements line in Cyprus. SKY Premium Life is created with high-quality raw materials and high production specifications based on strict pharmaceutical standards.

The Group’s further penetration into nutritional supplements market, with the representation and distribution of SKY Premium Life in pharmacies in Cyprus, is fully in line with its mission to make more and more people live and feel better, by offering them a variety of options for a healthier lifestyle. This partnership also corresponds to the strategically important commitment of our Group to select and promote the world’s best health, wellness and beauty products.

With facilities in Athens and Thessaloniki, Sky Premium Life created, with its highly qualified personnel, a special line of nutritional supplements for well-being and vigour and, more specifically, for bones and joints, digestion, brain, heart, and vision, as well as for energy, mood, stress, sleep, and sports.

They are all unique formulas, with the quality control of each production being thorough to ensure that each product is totally safe, of high quality and efficiency.

It should be noted that Sky Premium Life, which belongs to Cosmos Health Inc., operates with very fast growth rates in many European countries and has the potential for global distribution.

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