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Our Group presents the brand new website of Greek megabrand SANITAS

Our Group presents the brand new website of Greek megabrand SANITAS. Megabrand SANITAS belongs to the product portfolio of the Greece-based company SARANTIS Group, with which our Group counts 25 years of successful and evolutionary cooperation.

The new website offers a unique experience to consumers, as it provides information on the full range of the high-quality SANITAS home care products, while also offering useful advice, smart tips and cooking recipes.

Information about the new website:

The new SANITAS website is a user-friendly page that provides information and photos about all the company’s products. In addition, visitors can find smart tips and tricks to help them make the most of SANITAS products. With the cooking recipes suggested, users will discover new ways of using the products in the kitchen.

Content of the new website:

On the SANITAS website, visitors can seek information on all the company’s products and be informed about the SANITAS’ news and developments. The website also includes sections with information, opinions and actions for the environment and the society.

About megabrand SANITAS:

Megabrand SANITAS is a market leader in the household care with three product categories: food packaging, garbage bags and cleaning tools.

Food packaging: aluminum foil for cooking and food transportation, cling film for food preservation and storage, food bags for storage and transportation, and baking paper, bags and trays.

Garbage bags with innovative technologies of 100% recycled plastic, for premium quality, resilience, durability and flexibility.

Cleaning tools with upgraded quality features, such as sponges, dusting cloths and gloves.

SANITAS moves forward with a single purpose: “to fill every home with smiles”, where we all enjoy life with safety and more convenience, by offering solutions to our everyday problems.

For more information and to scroll through the new SANITAS website:

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