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Our Group in support of the efforts of the “Adopt an Athlete” programme of the Cyprus Special Olympics Federation

Our Group in support of the efforts of the “Adopt an Athlete” programme of the Cyprus Special Olympics Federation

As part of its support to the upcoming Special Olympics World Games to be held in Berlin, our Group, announces the “adoption” of three athletes.

The Group, as a supporter of the “Adopt an Athlete” grant programme of the Cyprus Special Olympics Federation, will support the athletes on their journey to the Special Olympics World Games, encouraging them to excel in their respective sports.

This is an initiative of the Group, which reflects the importance it attaches to the educational dimension of sport, as it practically supports sport and its values and benefits, nurturing a new generation of teamwork and sportsmanship.

By “adopting” the three athletes, the Group rewards their successful sporting career in Cyprus, while reinforcing their tireless efforts to excel abroad.

The athletes who will represent our country in the World Special Olympics Games have demonstrated excellent skills, determination and dedication to their sports, while the Group, supporting the slogan “Unbeatable Together”, encourages them to continue along their sporting journey with vigour.

Through the support of sport and the “Adopt an Athlete” programme, our Group carries out its mission to make more and more people live and feel better, while within the context of social responsibility, it contributes to the mitigation of social issues, such as the social inclusion and empowerment of our fellow human beings with intellectual disabilities.

About the “Adopt an Athlete” programme:

The Cyprus Special Olympics Federation is an organisation that empowers and helps people with intellectual disabilities through their participation in both local and international competitions.

For Special Olympics athletes, competitions are always an opportunity to demonstrate their willpower to win not only in the sporting arena but also in the arena of life.

Athletes can participate in international competitions through the athlete grant/adoption scheme, known as the “Adopt an Athlete” Programme. According to this programme, individuals, companies, foundations and other independent bodies are invited to “adopt” one or more athletes of the Cyprus Delegation, covering all or part of their participation costs in the upcoming World Games. The cost for each athlete includes accommodation, food, air ticket and sports equipment.

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