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Leadership in Pharmacy – Training seminar by C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group for pharmacists and assistant pharmacists

Our Group, under the PharmAdvance programme, held on Wednesday 21 June 2023, at Alasia Hotel in Limassol, another training seminar for pharmacists and assistant pharmacists, on the subject of “Leadership in Pharmacy – Leading with or without authority.”

The development of the Cypriot pharmacy sector as a critical part of primary health care, as well as its upgraded role following its integration into the General Healthcare System, have brought about the need for creating pharmacy services teams of any size, consisting of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

For this reason, through the Leadership seminar, the speaker Mrs. Roula Chassapoglidou, Founder & CEO of the Institute of Self Medication Ltd, referred to the multiple roles of the pharmacy team, as well as to the complex role of leadership, within the pharmacy environment. In addition, Mrs. Chassapoglidou presented effective leadership models and strategies and gave advice in order to unlock the optimum outcome for the pharmacy. Finally, the speaker highlighted the fact that a leading figure in pharmacy can be any member of the pharmacy team (with or without authority) since each one of them leads from where they stand regardless of their role. Leaders can grow as long as they know where they are and where they want to go.

During the dinner provided after the seminar, pharmacists expressed their satisfaction with the training as well as their conviction that PharmAdvance is now established as an integrated support programme for the Cypriot pharmacist.