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In the Colours of the Earth: Young Artists Unite for Nature

Our Group launched the Children’s Painting Competition on the Environment for our fellow colleagues’ children. This competition aims to give a voice to our young artists to express their love for the environment and the need of environmental care and protection.

It is a well-established painting competition that has become a tradition for our Group, with the aim of promoting environmental awareness among our little friends. We are proud of the passion and creative talent that our young artists have displayed in their effort to express, with their colours, their thoughts and concerns about the environment.

Our judges, all art teachers, carefully analysed and evaluated each art work. All participants emerged as winners and received a certificate of participation in the competition along with a gift, while two exceptional young artists were gifted a bicycle and a scooter as an award for their effort and creativity.

As a Group, we seek to continue to cultivate environmental awareness and inspire new generations to love and take care of our planet.

Below you can read what our little winners told us about their artistic endeavours:

Kalia Michael, 4th Grade of primary school – daughter of our colleague Nikos Michael, Sure Food

“The painting I made shows how I would like my future to be. The world I would like to live in. That is, a world with beaches and seas without waste, an environment full of forests that give us pure oxygen. I have the right as a child to live in such an environment.”

Eleni Papakonstantinou, 3rd Grade of primary school – daughter of our colleague Skevi Andreou, PharmacyLine

“I can’t imagine what life would be like without trees and oxygen, and it worries me because every day we humans destroy the environment with our waste, forest fires and exhaust gases. The drawing I made describes what a burning forest and a polluted sea look like and how I would like the forest and the sea to be without fire and waste. I hope one day we can find other solutions like recycling to save our planet.”