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Great Success for the Seminar on Alzheimer’s Disease, Prevention and Treatment

With strong participation and high scientific level presentations, a seminar on “Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia: Prevention, Treatment and Brain Health Protection” was held on Wednesday 25th October, at the Event Hall of POED in Nicosia.

The seminar, which was organised by the “I and E” Group (Information and Education) at the initiative of Dr. Loizos G. Loizou in coordination with the Pancyprian Medical Association, the Cyprus Pediatric Society, the Medical School of the University of Nicosia, and AHEPA (American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association), was held under the auspices of the Minister of Health, Dr. Popi Kanaris, who addressed the event.

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The event was attended by over 330 people who initially registered.

Dr. Loizos G. Loizou, Professor of Pediatrics, Pediatric Oncology/Hematology (Medical School, University of Nicosia) and President of the ELPIDA (Hope) Foundation for Children with Cancer and Leukemia, spoke on “Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and Prevention: It’s never too early, it’s never too late.”

Additional comprehensive presentations were the following:

  • “Genetics, Symptoms, Biomarkers, Detection and Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease”, by Dr. Dimitris Papadopoulos, Associate Professor of Neurology, School of Medicine, European University.
  • “New Medicine and Lifestyle treatments in Alzheimer’s disease”, by Dr. Savvas Papacostas, Professor of Neurology, Medical School, University of Nicosia.
  • “Etiology, Genesis and Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease: The Relationship Between Genetic and Morbid Environmental Factors”, by Dr. George Vavougios, Lecturer, Department of Neurology, Medical School, University of Cyprus.

The welcome speech and introduction to the seminar was delivered by Mr. Andreas Panayiotou.

The event particularly emphasized the urgent need to inform and educate people about the disease, as the results that can be achieved in terms of prevention, treatment and reduction of the impact of the disease can prove to be numerous and fruitful.

It was noted, to this end, that the scourge of Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia in general, is rapidly increasing at an alarming rate in Cyprus, as in all regions of the world. Currently, 55 million people have dementia worldwide. In the next 27 years, this number will rise to 150 million! The effect of the disease in our society leaves almost no one untouched, having a significant negative impact not only at individual and family level, but also on the economy, the healthcare system and social cohesion.

However, most people are not aware of the great power that lies in the prevention and early detection of the disease. As pointed out in the seminar, it is amazing what we can achieve through prevention.