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Cyprus BITE Awards 2021: C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group awarded for its digital transformation

C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group began its journey of Business Transformation in 2019, with the vision, “to lead the digital evolution with a stable and consistent model for all parties involved, making our organisation a business role model in the sectors we operate in.”

Cyprus BITE Awards 2021 have recognized and awarded the Group’s actions towards the development and self-service of its employees through technology.

Cyprus Business I.T. Excellence (BITE) Awards reward and highlight the leading role of technology in business operation, customer and citizen service, as well as in education, health and work.

Our Group listens and responds promptly to the rapid adaptation of the business environment through continued investment in Digital Transformation, thus strengthening flexibility and resilience in the sectors in which it operates. As such, the Group has received the following awards in confirmation of its digital evolution.

More specifically, it has received:

  • Silver distinction in the “Sustainability: How Technology supports and guides the journey” award, in the category “Best Digital Transformation Project”
  • Bronze distinction in the “BOT: utilizing software Robots (RPA) to enhance employee experience” award, in the category “Best Project per System / Application.”


Panayiotis Dionysiou, Head of Information Technology

“Sustainable and balanced growth is of great importance to C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group. We have redefined our internal processes, our partnerships, and even the organizational structure of our Group in order to achieve the goals we have set in this very important area.

Technology serves as an instrument that points us in the right direction, accelerating our actions.

We have been the first to bring the payment process fully into the digital age, using electronic receipts, invoices, and payments. We place particular emphasis on e-commerce, both retail and wholesale.

And we place the individual at the center of all our actions. The customer, the colleague, the employee. They are all now self-aware and have growing expectations. They now require to work with partners and organizations that genuinely care for the environment, the planet, and the future.

Our aim is to fully satisfy their needs, and this is what we actually do.”