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Connecting with Sustainability – Through our Fellow Colleagues’ Voice

At our Group, the commitment to Sustainable Development is rooted at the heart of our business culture, social role and business responsibility. We believe that Sustainable Development is meaningful only if it is built on business ethics, social solidarity, and respect for the environment.

Guided by the belief that our Organisation’s prosperity is inextricably linked with the prosperity of society and the planet, we have undertaken major initiatives reflecting our values and our expectations for a better future

Through this insert, we want to showcase and promote the voices of our colleagues, their perspective, by asking them three simple questions. We hope to inspire more and more people about a better and more sustainable society.

Today we continue with our colleague Stavros Petrou, who holds the position of Inventory & Demand Planning Executive.

1) What does Sustainability mean to you?

To me, sustainability is the rational and sparing use of resources, means and methods available to us humans, with the aim of improving the living standards of the society and the environment both now and in the future. It is therefore important that their use should be done in such a way as to ensure that future generations will enjoy the same, if not a higher quality of life.

2) What sustainable practices do you follow in your everyday life?

One of the practices I follow on a daily basis is the recycling of packaging made from recyclable materials such as plastic, glass and paper. I also try to use reusable products where possible in order to reduce plastic waste.

3) What have you learned as a member of our Group about Sustainability?

The Group, following a series of social and environmental practices, demonstrates in practice the implementation of the number one principle that defines it: to make more and more people live and feel better.

The active support to vulnerable groups of our fellow human beings, the support and encouragement of sports education, as well as the strengthening of a culture of environmental responsibility, through the encouragement of the use of recyclable materials, the implementation of tree planting projects, etc., are only some of the elements of sustainable development applied by the Group.