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Clinéa: The new clean pharmacy beauty brand is here

Our Group, the leading health and beauty products group in Cyprus, in the context of its methodical expansion, has entered into a new business partnership agreement with Sarantis Group, undertaking the distribution and promotion of the new clean beauty brand, clinéa. The new clinéa brand was officially presented at the INSET event space of MAP Boutique Hotel, on 20 March 2024.

Clinéa is a new clean beauty brand that combines the effectiveness of science with the purity of nature, creating products designed to fill us and refill us with goodness. Over and over again.


We are effective, clean & conscious of the environment.


We don’t make promises we can’t keep. Our state-of-the-art laboratories developed the optimal combination of high-performance active ingredients and powerful natural ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness, verified by clinical studies in every single clinéa product.


We believe that only goodness works. It works for our skin, for the planet, and for the society we live in. That’s why all clinéa products are made under the strict conditions of a unique clean formula concept, using only carefully selected ingredients that respect both your skin and the environment.

Sustainable Packaging

With clinéa refillable jars, your favourite product can be refilled. Instead of buying it again every time it runs out, you can simply refill it, by replacing the inner capsule. Again and again. Saving –both you and the planet– 88% of the packaging. The inner capsule is fully recyclable, while the tubes and bottles are made of 51% and 100% recycled plastic respectively.


The leading product of the brand is the exclusive 4 Balance Boosters (4B INNOVATION) complex. With hyaluronic acid low molecular weight, bio-inulin and kombucha extract to help protect the skin’s 4 balance pillars, our 4 product lines will replenish your skin with all the goodness needed to look healthy and revitalised.


Get to know the cleansing and make-up removal line and refill your skin with freshness and rejuvenation, by choosing the correct product that best suits the specific needs of your oily, combination or even super sensitive skin.


Thanks to the unique hyaluronic acid complex, the skin thirst quencher line instantly replenishes the skin with deep hydration that lasts up to 48 hours, while the effective natural ingredients, depending on the product, provide:

  • Rejuvenation with cucumber water
  • Soothing with coconut yoghurt
  • Anti-inflammatory action with ginkgo biloba
  • Antioxidant action with CBD oil


Are you looking for the ideal beauty routine that will replenish your skin with elasticity and radiance and, thanks to the niacinamide complex it contains, will restore the skin’s healthy, youthful, radiant appearance? You’ve found it! Forget the appearance of bags under your eyes with the Anti-Puff Stuff eye cream, replenish your skin with energy and elasticity with the Reset & Glow cream, and brighten up your life by revealing your skin’s natural glow with the Glam n’ Tonic exfoliating glow toner.


If what your skin needs is enhanced care, our hero serums, with their super concentrated formulas, act immediately and effectively to instantly replenish your skin with hydration, firmness and radiance. Quench your skin’s thirst and see it instantly rejuvenated with our moisturizing and soothing Hyaluronic Water Bomb serum. Bounce back to win the fight against wrinkles with the velvety anti-wrinkle and firming Collagen Bounce serum, or join the fan club of the concentrated anti-aging and glow miracle known as Bio-Retinol Reset Serum.

Clinéa products are here, ready to refill you with goodness. Try them in pharmacies.

Facebook: clineacyprus

Instagram: @clinea_cyprus

About clinéa

Who we are

We are clinéa.

The 1st refillable skincare brand that dynamically enters the beauty sector, breaking down the boundaries between science and nature.

Clinéa combines the efficiency of science with the purity of nature to create unique skincare products that are effective, safe and respect the environment. And above all, effective products created to be refilled in order to refill us with goodness. Again and again.

But we are not alone. We are part of something greater.
We are part of Sarantis Group.

The leading Greek multinational consumer products company, with a dominant presence in 12 countries across Europe through its subsidiaries, and a strong export activity worldwide. For over 50 years, Sarantis Group’s principal aim has been –and still is– to offer beautiful and simple solutions that uplift the mood of consumers and make everyday life better, creating value though sustainability.