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Certification of our Group as a Great Place to Work® for the third consecutive year

For one more year –the third in a row–, our Group has been certified as a Great Place to Work® company as a confirmation of its commitment to achieving high standards in the workplace. This recognition, which is the result of a thorough research evaluation of the Group’s human resources, highlights the excellence in the workplace. The Group stands out for fostering a strong company culture that provides equal opportunities for all employees and promotes personal development, in a context where individual skill development is constantly linked to collective goals and joint effort.

Great Place to Work® is a global research, evaluation and consulting firm specialized in workplace culture. It offers certification and global recognition to companies that stand out for the high-trust, high-performance work culture they have built for their employees.

Our Group earned the Great Place to Work® certification following an evaluation of its human resources through the Trust Index® Employee Survey questionnaire. The survey focused on five key dimensions that embody the overall employee experience in the workplace:

  • management credibility
  • respect to employees
  • fairness in the workplace
  • employees’ pride, and
  • camaraderie in the workplace.

The Group’s approach is based on values, such as trust, respect, credibility, pride and teamwork, making it not only a successful employer but also a pioneer in shaping an inclusive workplace culture that empowers employees. Consistent with the Group’s sustainability strategy, Great Place to Work® recognition reaffirms that business success is inextricably linked to the constant investment in the value of human capital.

According to Melanie Michaelidou, Senior Director of Human Resources, “The certification of C.A. PAPAELLINAS Group, for the third consecutive year, is totally in line with its mission “to make more and more people live and feel better”. With a people-centred commitment, we build a strong company culture. We are inspired by the power of teamwork, the willingness of our people to evolve and their passion to create within an open environment of progress and development.”


With a history that spans almost a century, C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group has become a market leader in the sectors in which it operates. These include the supply of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and consumer goods, a strong network of retail stores representing the chains of Beauty Line, Holland & Barrett, Yves Rocher, and Butterfly Beauty Store, as well as integrated distribution services.

Through its strong relationship of trust with the Cypriot consumer, the Group implements the strategy of its methodical expansion, while it paves new roads of quality and credibility, having already been established as the leading group of health and beauty products in Cyprus.

Committed to its timeless mission of making more and more people live and feel better, C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group believes in ethical business growth. It embraces sustainability, as the only realistic approach to new challenges, focusing all its efforts on ensuring social prosperity, economic growth, and environmental protection.