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C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group: For little tots who are in a hurry to grow up, the new Nannys video ad!

How many of us did not look forward, as children, to the day when we would grow up to do all the things grown-ups do?

The Nannys’ brand new advertising campaign appears on our TV screens precisely with this in mind, unfolding a story with humour, tenderness and love! Regardless of whether parents embrace this desire of their little ones, their primary concern is to support them in every way they can, so that children can always take their next step with comfort and confidence!

As a brand that holds a high market share, Nannys cannot afford to become complacent and always strive to do their best. Their slogan “Made with love” demonstrates their commitment to delivering the best possible product. Therefore, they expand, enrich and develop their product range based on parents’ needs and in line with market trends. And that is why they are taking the next step in their development by launching the new Nannys Sensitive Pants that are coming to bring about a new revolution in the industry.

The new Nannys Sensitive Pants are specially designed for older and more active children, between 1.5 and 3 years old. They have unique characteristics, such as “all around elastic” design, comfy-fit technology, chamomile extract, moisture index, and all the necessary certifications in order to perfectly meet the needs of both children and their parents. Additionally, the extra absorbent core of Dry Matrix technology, that locks moisture inside the diaper, allows them to be used overnight. Moreover, they can be pulled on and off like regular underwear to help with the potty-training process.

From 1984 until today, Nannys continue to be the greatest ally of the new modern family, offering high-quality products, always made with love. The campaign strategy and planning have been undertaken by Gnomi Integrated Communications.

Check out the new Nannys Sensitive Pants ad campaign here

nannys pants

About Nannys

The story begins in the 1980s. A very different era, with fewer choices but with greater needs. Parents at the time used cloth diapers to change their babies, as they had no other choice. Then, in 1984, Nannys came to the rescue, revolutionising the industry! A value for money product, Nannys provided parents with disposable diapers, which freed up their hands granting them more time to spend with their babies.

What came next is well-known. Nannys conquered the hearts of Cypriot mothers and fathers and very soon entered every home and every nursery. They became a loyal ally for every parent. From “Your baby wants ‘am’(food) and Nannys!” all the way to “Nannys, made with love!”, Nannys kept over 140,000 children dry and content.

From 1984 until today, our philosophy remains the same: To create the best possible product with love in order to keep every baby dry and every parent worry-free! Because we are parents too and we know!

Today, Nannys have a wide range of products. The Nannys Sensitive and Nannys Baby Love lines are made in accordance with all necessary specifications in order to provide the best possible care to toddlers. At the same time, the Nannys Fresh line of baby wipes complements baby care and offers the best for the parents’ most precious thing in the world!


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