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C.A.PAPAELLINAS GROUP: Digital upgrade of the Pharmaceutical Sector with the introduction of the Veeva CRM platform

C.A.PAPAELLINAS GROUP is very pleased to announce the introduction and use of the innovative digital platform, Veeva CRM, in the Pharmaceutical Sector.

This is a new innovative investment in further upgrade of the services that our Group, with a history that spans almost a century in Pharmaceuticals, responsibly offers to its associates in the Pharmaceutical Division. This upgrade falls within the Group’s overall digitalization.

The Veeva CRM platform is already in operation, aiming at the digital upgrade of the processes followed by Medical Representatives, as well as at the implementation of modern digital marketing methods adapted to the needs of Health Professionals.

In line with the Pharmaceutical Team’s excellent scientific expertise, training and experience, the introduction of the Veeva platform deepens the actions of the Pharmaceutical Division for easier and seamless communication between Medical Representatives and Health Professionals in the digital environment, for timely and scientific patient-centered information.

It is noted that more than 80% of the Pharmaceutical Companies globally use the Veeva CRM platform which has proven to be a powerful tool in the hands of Medical Representatives. This strategic direction responds to a series of critical upgrades undertaken by the C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group with the aim of maintaining its leading role in the Cypriot market’s Pharmaceutical Sector.

About Veeva

Veeva Systems cooperates with Pharmaceutical and Biotechnical Companies of all sizes helping them bring their products to market faster and more effectively. Veeva aims at supporting the most critical functions of Pharmaceutical Companies from Research & Development (R&D) through the stage of promotion and commercial advertising to Healthcare Professionals. Veeva Systems offers a wide range of products enabling it to provide data, software, services, as well as an extensive ecosystem of partners.