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C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group and Femarelle joined forces to break the taboo of menopause

On the occasion of World Menopause Day, on October 18th, Femarelle, a brand represented by C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group for the last 4 years, invited all the women of the Group to participate in an action aimed at breaking the stigma around menopause.

Within the context of this important initiative, dozens of women employees of the Group joined forces and were photographed with their Femarelle fuchsia T-shirts, sending a powerful message:

“Menopause is a natural phenomenon that affects every woman! It’s not a disease! It’s a natural biological process which is part of the reproductive life cycle.”

This gave to women of all ages an opportunity to be reliably informed about menopause in order for them to be conscious of their health, managing actively and effectively their menopausal symptoms.

This event is part of the Femarelle’s wider Menopause awareness campaign, which includes a series of multifaceted actions, among others an information event on menopause and the ways of addressing its symptoms.

About Femarelle

Femarelle is a non-hormonal solution for the safe and effective treatment of menopausal symptoms. The Femarelle line consists of 3 products and provides a targeted solution for the needs of the following age groups: Femarelle® Rejuvenate for women 40+, Femarelle® Recharge for women 50+, and Femarelle® Unstoppable for women 60+.

Femarelle: Love, Live, Embrace the new beginning that comes with menopause!

Learn more about Femarelle Line products, here: