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The journey towards a sustainable future, for our Group, entails contributing to people’s health and wellbeing, supporting NGOs and undertaking health initiatives.

Beauty Line handing over the check to Europa Donna Cyprus

Today, the world is confronted with major health challenges, such as cancer, that affect all members of our society.

Our Group, with a strong sense of social responsibility and solidarity, actively contributes to raising awareness of breast cancer prevention. Through health initiatives, supported by all our brands, we point the way to awareness, while at the same time stressing the importance of early diagnosis.

With the vision to make every woman live and feel beautiful, Beauty Line constantly and actively supports Europa Donna Cyprus.

In this context, Beauty Line published another issue of Beauty Line magazine, created the first Beauty Line Advent Calendar and created pouches in partnership with Ariana Demian and While, all proceeds from sales were donated to support Europa Donna Cyprus “Bosom Buddies” programme.

The Beauty Line team visited Europa Donna’s home to give in person the check for €25,242,, in the presence of, on behalf of Beauty Line, the General Manager Eirini Christodoulou, the Senior Marketing Director Simoni Avraam and the Operational Marketing Executive Gina Kyriakidou, and on behalf of Europa Donna Cyprus, the Executive Director Marios Charalambidis and the Administrative Officer Louisa Poly.

With the support of its customers, Beauty Line has become a source of strength for all women fighting their own battle with cancer, contributing to the effort to make every woman live well and feel beautiful.