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Beauty Line stores sustainable business model

The changes implemented to date and those anticipated!

Beauty Line gondolas

Prioritizing our commitment to creating a better future, we set sustainable development as a key pillar of our Group’s growth strategy.

Within this framework, Beauty Line has implemented policies and procedures that aim to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.

Via a wide range of reforms aimed at 
  • more efficient use of energy, water and paper,
  • the use of recyclable materials for store interiors,
  • the adoption of environmentally friendly IT practices (Green Information Technology),
  • inclusion of new products which meet fair trade and sustainable agriculture and production standards
  • as well as promoting recycling of old glass or plastic product containers.



The installation of automatic doors ensures

  • maximum air condition efficiency in stores
  • energy saving
  • pleasant conditions for staff and store customers

Meanwhile, stores already equipped with automatic doors have received a circular highlighting the change in Beauty Line policy, requesting “that the doors remain closed.”

It is expected that an additional 8 Beauty Line stores will be included in this sustainable plan, with project completion expected by the end of 2022.


Digital screens are now used in all stores to promote the store brands and offers, aimed at completely replacing printed promotional material and, consequently, the reduction of printed paper.


All furniture in Beauty Line stores is made in Cyprus. As such, we support local manufacturers and the local economy.


All our facilities are illuminated with LED lights for energy conservation.  Additionally, automated lighting has been installed in Beauty Line stores at the Mall of Engomi and Metropolis Mall in areas with limited activity, such as the toilets.


Recycling bins have been placed in all stores, separating recyclable materials such as glass, plastic, and paper. Additionally, at the start of 2022, a system for recording recyclable waste is expected to be implemented in each store, aimed at the creation of a detailed review.


All our stores are now using electronic receipts to reduce the use of paper and printed receipts. More specifically, store customers are asked to choose whether they would like to receive a printed or electronic receipt. It is worth mentioning that within the first few days of implementation, most store customers indicated a preference for e-receipts. The two most significant factors affecting their preference for digital receipts as opposed to conventional receipts are 1) convenience and 2) environmental protection.

Forthcoming changes under examination:

Further changes are soon to be expected at Beauty Line stores.

The most important of which concerns shopping bags. More specifically, store customers will be given a choice between regular or re-usable bags after each purchase.

The next project concerns the Beauty Line Magazine, which will only be available for purchase in digital format, both in stores and via the Beauty Line e-shop and app.

Additionally, the benefits of installing photovoltaics in the buildings that house our stores is being examined. However, the fact that our stores are housed in rental properties is a factor which complicates the process of installing photovoltaics.

We are also examining the replacement of Blotter papers (perfume testing papers) with special recycled papers, which can then be recycled again. However, the replacement of Blotter papers is another procedure which requires proper planning, as it is essential that the paper used provides an accurate sense of the perfume scent.