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Beauty Line: Modernising the beauty line takes brains, not brawn

On the occasion of the new Beauty Line store on Makarios Avenue, Eirini Christodoulou, General Manager of Beauty Line, and Chrystala Kouri, Chief Marketing Officer of the Group, speak to InBusiness about the new store and the brand’s renewed image, confirming that modernisation of the beauty line takes brains, not brawn.

New refreshed image for Beauty Line. What new will we see and what is that which steals impressions?

Chrystala Kouri: Our entire visual identity has been renewed. The logo is modernised and simplified, becoming bolder and more dynamic. Our line becomes independent, finding renewed purpose within the Beauty Line identity. It is never static. Instead, it is multi-purpose to communicate various expressions as needed.

Our colour palette has been enriched. It is inspired by the unique Cypriot sunsets, adding shades of pink and blue to the colours of the brand.

A new emblem has been created serving as the seal of the Beauty Line, as a symbol of beauty and confidence.

What was the reason behind your decision to go ahead with this project?

Chr. K.: The new Beauty Line identity has been designed to be more flexible, adaptable and purposeful, helping us to deliver a brand that truly puts its customers first.

Both visually and semiotically, the brand can now flex and adapt to customer needs more effectively. Our priority is to empower every woman. Beauty comes in many forms, and the new approach includes them all.

The new Beauty Line identity is revealed with the opening of our new store on Makarios Avenue in Nicosia.

Please tell us more about the new store – a real gem on Makarios Ave.

Eirini Christodoulou: Our new Beauty Line store, on Makarios Avenue, specifically designed to encourage customers to explore and experiment with products, opened its doors on 2nd November. It is considered to be a milestone of the brand’s evolution, creating ties of loyalty and trust with consumers, while it acts as the starting point for introducing our renewed vision, in line with our new corporate identity, modern needs and upgraded customer experience.

Beauty Line is evolving and reshaping the concept of beauty. Our purpose is to empower the modern woman and showcase female beauty in all its aspects.

What can customers discover in the new Beauty Line store and why was the capital city centre selected as location?

Ei. Chr.: In our new store, customers will be able to explore an extensive range of products, with particular emphasis on make-up, including skin and hair care products, perfumes and many beauty tools and accessories, covering a variety of tastes and preferences.

In regard to location, the Beauty Line’s presence in the city centre undoubtedly contributes over time to its commercial vitality. Actually, what we have now opened is more than a store, creating a new experience that aims to inspire and empower every woman, highlighting every aspect of her inner and outer beauty. We are certain that this pioneering approach will breathe new life into the centre of Nicosia.

Admittedly, according to what you have said, this is indeed a ground-breaking approach. Where do you focus your efforts and what is your commitment?

Chr. K.: The leading position of Beauty Line in the beauty segment in Cyprus fills us with even more responsibility for its continuous renewal and development. As part of our mission, we aim to inspire confidence in every person to live and feel beautiful.

The beauty inspiration, that Beauty Line offers you, empowers you to make your dreams come true. To be, above all, your best self, a true, unique, special woman!

The market requires players to be vigilant. How does your company manage to meet customer demand and differentiate itself from the competition?

Ei. Chr.: From the first moment of its appearance in the Cypriot market, Beauty Line radically changed the landscape of cosmetics and beauty in Cyprus. It changed the shopping experience of Cypriot consumers by pursuing an innovative, at the time, approach to customer service.

Staying true to the brand’s core values, we adapt to the ever-changing market landscape. We keep abreast of all new trends and invest in technology, to constantly improve the ties of trust we create with our customers.

At Beauty Line, we always seek feedback from our customers. We seek to build a deeper connection with them, as only in this way can we better heed and understand their needs. Building and fostering this connection requires continuous effort through the consistency and continuity of our actions, which provide added value to the consumer and create ties of loyalty and trust.

What to expect next from Beauty Line?

Ei. Chr.: Beauty Line has changed the cosmetics retail trade in Cyprus. The brand was created 26 years ago, with the vision to create a new and unique shopping experience and establish a new way in which women purchase their cosmetic products.

And we will continue to do so. We will continue to create trends, inspiring unique and unforgettable beauty experiences, for every woman individually.

As the leading cosmetics and perfume retail chain in the Cypriot market, we have a responsibility not only to meet our customers’ needs, but also to constantly strive to exceed their expectations.

*Interview by Emily Antoniou