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Awarding the children of the C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group’s employees for their excellent performance in school


In a nice atmosphere characterized by the emotions of children and their parents, on Wednesday, July 6, 2022, the usual award ceremony for our colleague’s children who excelled in school took place.

This is one of our Group’s actions, which started in 2011 and continues every year, reflecting the importance that our Group attaches to education, since it actively supports student excellence, encouraging the new generation to acquire more knowledge, education and sense of fair play.

We honoured the students who, with their tireless efforts, exalt the value of education and chart a successful path in their professional life; the generation that represents the future employees who will staff Cypriot businesses, keep the Cypriot economy strong, but also excel abroad.

 “In their struggle towards knowledge acquisition, we contribute to our country’s perspective.”

During the awarding ceremony, our Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Christos Papaellinas, addressed the children who excelled and their parents, and referred to our Group’s values pointing out that these are values that the children themselves could apply in their daily lives. Mr. Papaellinas encouraged them to continue with vigour their academic education, convinced that their generation should make the difference in order for our country to have a new perspective and for the them to have higher hopes for the future.

The students honoured for their excellent school performance this year are
  • Panayiota Eleni Athanasiou (Class A Lyceum), daughter of Cleanthes Athanasiou, Sales Manager at Pharmaceuticals Division.
  • Panayiotis Iakovou (Class A Lyceum), son of Kosmas Iakovou, Inventory Control Officer at Financial Department.
  • Anna Markou (Class B Lyceum), daughter of Markos Markou, Fleet Manager.
  • Raphael Stylianou (Class B Lyceum), son of Maria Stavrou, Purchasing Officer at Beauty Line.
  • Evdokia Mavrou (Class C Lyceum), daughter of Andri Mavrou, Payroll Officer.
  • Ioanna Spanou (Class C Lyceum), daughter of Andri Nicolaou, Beauty Advisor at Beauty Line Alpha Mega.

The children and their parents thanked the Group, expressing how proud they feel for the particular importance that the C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group attaches to both its employees and the institution of family, as well as to its actions to promote education.