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Awarding the children of the C.A.PAPAELLINAS Group’s employees for their excellent performance in school

On 4 July 2023, a special ceremony was held at the Headquarters of our Group to award the children of the staff who excelled during the school year 2022-2023 in all classes of the Lyceum. This was an opportunity to acknowledge and reward their outstanding performance in school. A total of eleven amazing children were honoured for their high academic performance this year. A list with their names follows:

  • Maria-Stavria Koronidou (Class A Lyceum) – daughter of Poly Stavrinidou
  • Maria Panteli (Class A Lyceum) – daughter of Pantelis Panteli
  • Evelina Konstantinou (Class A Lyceum) – daughter of Sotiris Konstantinou
  • Panagiotis Pelekanou (Class A Lyceum) – son of Nicole Perikou
  • Panagiotis Iacovou (Class B Lyceum) – son of Cosmas Iacovou
  • Panagiotis-Aggelos Gotsopoulos (Class B Lyceum) – son of Despo Nicolaou
  • Panagiota-Eleni Athanasiou (Class B Lyceum) – daughter of Kleanthis Athanasiou
  • Stelios Seraphim (Class B Lyceum) – son of Elena Sotiriou
  • Raphael Stylianou (Class B Lyceum) – son of Maria Stavrou
  • Anastasia Koui (Class C Lyceum) – daughter of Giorgoula Souroulla
  • Anna Markou (Class C Lyceum) – daughter of Markos Markou

Βράβευση των αριστούχων παιδιών

The Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Christos Papaellinas, delivered an inspiring speech during the ceremony, praising the children for their achievements, as well as their parents for their support. He emphasized that achieving excellence is not an end in itself but rather demonstrates the methodical approach and the willingness they display to achieve their goals. Both these approaches are key ingredients of success.

In addition, he underlined that the desire for continuous learning and upgrading of knowledge enhances the chances of success. Mr. Papaellinas encouraged children to believe in themselves and in their abilities, and never lose hope.

It was an inspiring event that reminded us all of the importance of commitment and our talent’s development to achieve our goals.

This is an initiative that started in 2011 and continues every year, reflecting the importance that our Group attaches to education, as it actively supports student excellence, encouraging the new generation to acquire more knowledge, education and sense of fair play.