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At the Food Stories Studio: A Day Full of Creativity and Taste

On the occasion that September is “Better Breakfast Month” I paid a visit to the studios of Food Stories during filming. I spent my day there, discovering what’s going on behind the scenes.

In the studio, the aromas of fresh ingredients captured our senses, making everyone who was there eager to try the dishes Chef Theodoros was preparing on camera.

There, I met the people behind those mind-blowing delicious recipes and videos, professionals who come together to share the joy of creation and inspire others.

Of course, I couldn’t leave the studio before having a chat with Chef Theodoros Eleftheriou and our colleague and responsible for the general management of the Food Stories blog, Christina Loizou.


Starting out with Chef Theodoros Eleftheriou:

“The better the raw material is, the easier the chef’s work”

– Dear Theodoros, you have been doing Food Stories videos for two years now. I would like you to tell me a few words about this collaboration.

– To begin with, what I would like to share with you is that this was the first time I had to cook in front of the camera. Within these two years, I feel that I’ve made great progress, we have a wonderful collaboration, which is very important, and I’m so very happy to be part of this team. The products we have are incredible, and the better the raw material is, the easier the chef’s work becomes.

– Entering September which is “Better Breakfast Month”, what breakfast recipe would you recommend to us?

– Actually for the last 2-3 years, I have been involved a great deal with the breakfast/brunch menu. I would say pancakes should certainly not be missing out, so I would recommend either a sweet or savoury pancake. For the savoury pancake, I would use scrambled eggs, bacon and maple syrup since, especially in Cyprus, we like sweet and savoury combinations. For the sweet pancake, I would suggest something with anari* cream, honey and nuts and, for a cool twist, I would add an ice cream scoop or a lemon, orange or strawberry sorbet.

– If you were given the opportunity to cook for the President of the Republic or for a very important person, what would you prepare?

– For the President, I would definitely add some Cypriot touch in my menu. One of my favourite dishes, which I consider a classic and love cooking, is giouvetsi, with slow-cooked lamb. In my own recipe, I add two-three ingredients that make it unique and special. So I think I would prepare an exquisite giouvetsi dish for the President of the Republic.

– Is it true that love is the key ingredient in recipes?

– I always used to hear that love is the key ingredient, from a very young age. But the moment I truly felt it was when watching my grandmother cook. Her dishes, even without sugar or honey, still tasted deliciously sweet, due to her pure love combined with giving the necessary attention and the time required for each ingredient to be properly cooked and thrive.


We concluded our conversation with our colleague Christina Loizou:

Inspiration for all

– Dear Christina, how would you describe the philosophy behind Food Stories?

– The philosophy behind Food Stories is to inspire the public to create their own taste stories using first-quality ingredients. Through creative recipe ideas, cooking tips and nutrition advice, Food Stories invites each one of us on a culinary journey full of flavours, colours and aromas! Our chefs, Theodoros Eleftheriou and Giannis Giagkoullis, enter the Food Stories kitchen once a month to prepare extraordinary dishes and give us easy, quick and unique recipe ideas! In addition, in our kitchen we welcome guests such as nutritionists, chefs and other well-known people who cook together with our chefs, while taking part in food challenges and competitions.

– What position do you hold within the Group and what are your responsibilities?

– I have been working at C.A.Papaellinas Group for the last 3 years as a Digital Content Creator in the Consumer Department of the Group. I’m responsible for creating content, developing advertising campaigns, and managing social media for various brands such as La Molisana, Tabasco, St. Dalfour, Pellini, Sacla, Divella, D&L, Familia and Organix. I’m also responsible for the general management of our Group’s food blog, Food Stories, in terms of content creation, website and social media management, ad campaign creation, as well as the supervision of the production of the recipes.

– In one word, if you had to describe Food Stories…?

– “Inspiration”. If I had to describe Food Stories in one word, that would be it.

– September is “Better Breakfast Month.” What is your ideal breakfast?

– For me, the ideal breakfast is the one that replenishes the stores of energy and dietary fibres in my body and is quick and delicious at the same time. As a faithful follower of healthy eating, I have recently incorporated Rude Health organic products into my morning routine. My favourite combination is Rude Health Low Sugar Granola with the great tasting Rude Health Organic Almond Drink.

– What’s your relationship with cooking?

I have a love affair with cooking. It’s that time of the day where I let myself free to create and be inspired. Personally, cooking helps me relax as it allows me to be creative and test myself by trying something new each time.

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*Anari is a Cypriot white soft cheese. When fresh (soft and unsalted) it is similar to cottage cheese and Ricotta. When dry (hard and salted), it can be grated and used instead of Parmesan or other hard cheeses in garnishing pasta dishes.

*Article by Louiza Loui, Corporate Communications Officer